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Lea at the American Horror Story premiere with Christine Estabrook (from Spring Awakening).

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Lea Michele at a salon in Los Angeles (x)

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"We were very lucky to witness his incredible talent, his handsome smile and his beautiful, beautiful heart.” -Lea Michele

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See the resemblance? 


See the resemblance? 

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HealthyLiving Magazine: #AugustIssue in stores today. It’s The Skin Youth Issue! With radiant and talented @GLEEonFOX star @msLeaMichele

HealthyLiving Magazine: #AugustIssue in stores today. It’s The Skin Youth Issue! With radiant and talented @GLEEonFOX star @msLeaMichele

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'One of the hardest things is the feeling like you're gonna forget everything.'

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“I’m just an Ingrid super-fan that she let on stage! I used to wait outside for hours to see Ingrid. And now I’m on stage with her. How fucking weird is that? Do you wanna make pretty sounds?” — Darren Criss [x] (via jenndesq)

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Billboard’s First-Ever Triple Threat Award - December 2, 2010

"Billboard created the triple Threat Award this year to recognize the incredible contribution that Lea Michele has made to music, as a star on Glee," said Billboard Editorial director Bill Werde. "Glee has rewritten the Billboard charts this year and Lea has been one of the driving stars of that success. Whether she’s covering Britney or Broadway, Madonna or Rihanna, she always manages to bring out the most in her songs in a way that is distinctly Rachel, and by extension, Lea. Phenomena aren’t always backed by true talent, but in this case, it’s clear that Lea has what it takes as a singer, a dancer and an actor to be a star for years to come.

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